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Educational Activities

The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Sciences in association with the Planetary Geology Group have regularly produced educational materials and exercises for educators and students of the geosciences, with an emphasis in planetary geology. We have compiled a digital catalog of our resources that include: interactive, internet-based exercises and virtual "field-trips"; classroom activities (many are available in English and Spanish); curriculum for the study of planetary geology; and planetary geology field trips (complete with supporting materials) of Arizona that earth and space science educators, and students of all ages can enjoy. Please visit our Educational Activities catalog for additional information.

NASA Educator Resources

Our Educator Resources section provides an overview of online NASA educational products, curriculum, news, activities, and links to digital material available on the internet.

NASA also maintains a wealth of information for educators such as publications, reference books, slides, audio and video cassettes, telelecture programs, computer programs, lesson plans and activities, posters, and lists of publications from government and nongovernmental sources. Our NASA Educator Resources section also includes information for locating and obtaining physical "hard copy" materials for your classroom.


Space Montages

NASA’s Solar System Exploration Program has included missions to most of the planets during the last three decades, from which spacecraft obtain images and collect data that teach us about the geologic processes that formed them and shape their surfaces.  Individually, the press released images from these missions are available for download at NASA’s Planetary Photojournal website:

From 2004 to the present, Dr. David A. Williams, Director of the RGCPS since 2012 and Research Associate of Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, has created a series of image montages that highlight the best images obtain each year from several NASA missions, including the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, MESSENGER at Mercury, New Horizons (Pluto mission) Jupiter flyby, and Cassini at Saturn. These image montages are available below in high resolution (large file size), medium resolution (intermediate file size), and low resolution (small file size) formats (TIFF and JPEG).


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