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These links are designed to provide the Data Manager and users of the RGCPS with bookmarked access to frequently used tools and data resources. Where possible, brief descriptions of links or categories are provided. Please use the folders under the Data Resources icon in navigation menu on the left, or the links in the text below, to access some of the resource categories common to facility research.

The Data Catalogs section hosts archived, mission-specific, searchable dataset catalogs in support of the facility's collection. Additional collections will be included as they are assembled and interfaced with the web site.

The Data Sets section presents an integrated collection of data products that includes primary (observational) data, plus ancillary data and documentation. Most mission data sets are in raw format and are not processed.

The Image Atlases section provides resources for mission image products that are typically referenced by grid coordinates. Some atlases can also construct tailor-made maps from user-provided coordinates.

The Image Collections section contains links to repositories of image products from current missions, and galleries of Earth and the Solar System. Images can be viewed through most web browsers or image viewing software.

The Image Servers section provides links to databases that unite geospatial data with high-resolution photographs or satellite/spacecraft imagery and consolidate distributed data holdings to provide a single interface for users.

The Software section contains a list of data/image processing software and utilities that are required by certain data sets within the SPL collection, and also software for viewing and processing planetary science data/images in general.

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