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RGCPS Facilities

Originally named the Space Photography Laboratory (SPL), the RGCPS was originally housed in the basement of the Bateman Physical Sciences F-Wing in 1050 ft2. As part of expansion of the School of Earth and Space Exploration to new facilities and renovation of space in the F-wing, SPL was moved to the fifth floor and expanded to 2250 ft2. An additional 520 ft2 was provided for the Image Processing Facility on the same floor. As part of the renovation, specialized air-handling equipment was installed to maintain the correct temperature and humidity essential for the preservation of the film and photographic records. This is particularly critical in regard to humidity which can range from extremely dry to very wet through the course of a normal year in southern Arizona. In addition, special UV filters are used with the fluorescent lighting in RGCPS as a deterrent to the degradation of the planetary images caused by normal lighting.

RGCPS is organized into: 1) a reception area at the entrance, which includes the Librarian's work station, reference resources, and a RGCPS staff work station; 2) a work area with light tables, drafting tables, and chairs; 3) a work area containing a conference table, media center, and computer work stations; 4) the "stacks" area for journals, books, and other reference materials; 5) a storage area; and 6) part of the IPF, housing research computer stations and an equipment room. This part of IPF is 455 ft2 and is used to support active flight projects in which non-released data are processed in preparation for release to the community. The rooms in 551 house the core of the IPF; it is organized into a main room containing computer work stations, plus printers and other peripherals, an office for the Systems Administrator, and an office for visiting planetary scientists. The RGCPS darkroom is in PSF-543; it is 400 ft2 and includes the laboratory and office for the Senior Phototechnician. In all, RGCPS and related functions are housed in 3625 ft2.

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